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BrewCrAzY started recording and teaching homebrewers to push home brewing to new limits back in 2004. Then for several years we taught people to Judge beer with Beer Talk Radio.

Now, after taking a year off we are back! And, Beer Maker, Johnny Max & the Queen have gone Pro Craft Brewer.

So, now we are
"BrewCrAzY PRO!"

As we start recording again, Beer Maker has had "Cornel Brewing Company" up and running for a little over a year and Johnny Max & the Queen have had the "Texas Big Beer Brewery" in production for just over a half a year.

We both have experienced some growing pains going from 10 gallons to Pro Brewer and we have a lot of new things to talk about! Our new goal is to push you from Home Brewer, to Pro Brewer!

So tune in and listen to a lot more CrAzYness, but it is CrAzYness gone PRO!

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BrewCrAzY is hosted by:

Johnny Max - aka John McKissack
Founder, Brewer, CEO, Texas Big Beer Brewery - facebook
Texas Big Beer Brewery's facebook

the Queen - aka Tammy McKissack
Founder, Brewer, CFO, Texas Big Beer Brewery - facebook

the Beer Maker - aka Corey Nelson
Founder, Brewer, CEO, Cornel Brewing Company - facebook

Raybo - aka Raymond Marlow
Brewing Consultant, Texas Big Beer Brewery - facebook

King Binka - aka Joe Kubenka
A home brewer since dirt was invented!

Bob the Brewer - aka Robert Hebert
Head Brewer, Texas Big Beer Brewery - facebook





BrewCrAzY PRO! Show List

BrewCrAzY PRO - 001
We kick off the show letting you know what is going on and what is happening. For the kick off, in the studio is Johnny Max, Raybo, Bob the Brewer & the Queen.

BrewCrAzY PRO - 002
In the studio is Johnny Max, Raybo, the beerMaker and the Queen. BeerMaker when asked what advice he would give to anybody thinking about starting a brewery, shoots from the hip. We have a great time and talk Craft Brewery!

BrewCrAzY PRO - 003
In the studio is Johnny Max, Raybo, Bob the Brewer and the Queen. We drink Texas Big Beer Brewery's Renaissance Cowboy which is a Scotch Ale and discuss how we got the smoke flavor into the beer by changing the water profile to match water from Scotland. We talk about how water and make the difference and explain how to do it

BrewCrAzY PRO - 004
Craft beer labeling.

BrewCrAzY PRO - 005
Self-distribution what we do, what is allowed and where we are heading.

BrewCrAzY PRO - 006
Craft Beer Seasonals.

BrewCrAzY PRO - 007
Drinking a Westvleteren XII and talk about limited release beers.

BrewCrAzY PRO - 008
We talk about a lot of things, but we tak a little about marketing.

BrewCrAzY PRO - 009
We calk about craft beer packaging and how we do it on a small budget.

BrewCrAzY PRO - 010
On this show we talk about branding your brewery and product.

BrewCrAzY PRO - 011
Texas Big Beer is on the market for one full year and we are tired!

BrewCrAzY PRO - 012
On this show we talk about building and protecting your brand on social media and we talk about our new IPA

BrewCrAzY PRO - 013
On this show we talk about the cost of packaging and the most profitable option. We also talk about chilling wort.


BrewCrAzY PRO - 014
On this show we talk about the expolsion of new craft breweries, the Great American Beer Festival and we drink a nine year old Beast, by Avery Brewing Co.

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